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May 2017


New blog post, with my theme of “changing the world – one outfit at a time!” Witness my stab at writing the fashion column for my high school newspaper, Scope.


March 2017


Check out my latest blog post: “Testing the Future Waters” to witness my first attempt at writing a novel at age thirteen!


January 2017


First blog post of 2017: “The Elusive Fifteen Minutes” – a look back at the circumstances surrounding my first published story, at age ten. Funny what you uncover when you clean out a closet…


December 2016


I’ve been stumbling around with endless scenes, dialogues, and images for the novel-in-progress; none of them will sit still long enough for me to make the connections. ¬†On the days it all gets too much – when there’s no alternative but to leave the writing and pick up a book for inspiration – I take comfort in a quote by Samuel Johnson: “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading; in order to write, one will turn over half a library to make one book.”


October, 2016

I love short stories – to write and to read. I’ve raced through three collections recently: Archangel, by Andrea Barrett (one of her former collections is the wonderful Ship Fever); Thunderstruck, by Elizabeth McCracken, and Music for Wartime, by Rebecca Makkai. Very different themes, and all dazzling in their brilliance.